This Magic Moment

Magic moments can come from the most difficult situations. I believe that to discover our passion and follow our dream, we must believe in what we cannot see and in ourselves without any doubt. Living life passionately is about knowing that there is a power greater than ourselves that is there through thick and thin to help us, if we are open to it. It is also about being grateful, no matter what

There was practically no spirituality in our family when I was growing up. My dad was a Methodist who had chosen not to practice his faith and my mom who was Jewish by heritage had only gone to synagogue when she was a little girl. I believe as a family we had gone to church maybe a handful of times and it was always the Methodist church and usually on holidays. Weirdly, my parents required that we say grace every night before we ate dinner.

Then in the mid 70’s my family collectively gave up on any fragment of religion or spirituality when my youngest sister, Carol Ann, died at the age of 15 of complications from acute lymphocytic leukemia, a devastating blood cancer. Being nonspiritual makes it difficult to get through a family death and go on with life afterward. Rather than become closer, we were a family that was lost and trying to deal with everything that happened on our own. When I cried and tried to deal with her loss, I think I asked why, not really sure if I was talking aloud to myself or yelling at God.

I really cannot remember the details of the entire day or the time of year it was when my life was forever changed. I clearly remember what happened because the event shook me to the core of my being and still appears in my mind vividly when I recall the day my faith changed 180 degrees. I do know that I was not very spiritual the day I nearly died. Recalling this part of my life is easy and difficult at the same time, if that makes any sense.

The night that I now think of as a miracle, my girlfriend who was also a co-worker asked me to have dinner and watch a movie. My friend, Lynn, lived in Apache Junction in a double wide mobile home located near the beautiful and majestic Superstition Mountain range, which was clearly visible from her front yard. Like typical girls, we ate and talked and talked some more, time was just ticking away,……so we didn’t put the movie in until late. As soon as the movie ended, I told her I was tired and ready to head for home. I quickly said my goodbyes and hurried out the door to my little cobalt blue Geo Metro for home located in mid-Mesa, 20 miles away and about 10 minutes away from the downtown area.

Apache Junction wasn’t too populated then, so when I left for home traffic was light. Rather than take the highway I decided to drive down Main Street, which is also called East Apache Trail, which wasn’t too heavily traveled at that time of night.

As I was driving, I entertained myself by singing with the radio to stay alert. I was looking forward to getting home and going to bed. The speed limit was about 45; there was almost no one around me. As I got closer to the intersection of Main Street and Gilbert Road, where I was going to turn, the traffic built somewhat but I was still able to keep up the speed limit. I glanced over and noticed a white pickup truck driving next to me, pretty much bumper to bumper. When I turned my head back around, there was a car crossing in front of me. I remember seeing my headlights shining brightly on a blue car’s driver-side door, clearly seeing the silver door handle and the side of the driver’s face.

I remember glancing over hoping to change lanes and saw that the white pickup truck was still next to me so I couldn’t. I closed my eyes and thought “I am going to die.” is all I can recall and waited for the crash. Then there was complete silence. I slowly opened my eyes and realized that I was still alive, and somehow on the other side of the car that had been right in front of me. I was stunned and started to cry. I also noticed that the white pickup truck had disappeared.

When I got home I was barely coherent enough to tell my concerned mother what had happened before I broke away from her tight hug. I had to be alone to sort through the powerful aftermath of my near death experience. The next morning when I woke up, I felt very different, still tired, but I kept thinking “I’ve been saved from certain death”. I had a strong feeling that something beyond what my mind could imagine had intervened and saved my life. I instinctively knew that it wasn’t my time to die and I had changed forever.

Now, I cherish every moment because my creator and angels are a very important part of my life. I know that I’m loved, divinely protected and spiritually guided. I am forever grateful and celebrate life’s beauty every day knowing in my heart that no matter what happens, that I will make it through.

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