Do You Lose Faith in Yourself?

Taking Risks is a Show of Indomitable Faith

Our faith is the most important part of who we are, what we achieve, the decisions that we make and how far we go in this life.  There are times when we all experience lack of faith. Whether it’s on our journey to our dream, our abilities or the choices we’ve made.  Then we come across someone who has had every reason to lose their faith and hasn’t, we’ve been given a gift from the Universe to remember just how blessed we are.

She was in her late 40’s when she lost her job and her health insurance, something that has happened to millions across the country over the last couple of years.  Now that she no longer had health coverage and wanted to get an annual wellness check-up, she was going to have to find someplace to be seen that she could afford.  Through her search and talking with friends, she was told about a great local free clinic that cares for the uninsured, so she made an appointment.

Everything seemed to be okay, she felt fine, so when her lab results found that she had stage one cervical cancer, she was visibly shaken.  And while it’s difficult for anyone to see the blessings in this situation, her cancer was found in Stage 1 and she was given a referral to a physician that would not only provide the needed surgery but the following chemotherapy treatments at no cost to her.

It’s so easy to lose faith, when we get caught up in the day to day business of life, we all have a tendency to take the people that we love and our blessings for granted, we forget to be appreciative.  I think that even in more challenging times when we remain positive we will see that the Universe offers positive opportunities, we just have to have unshakable faith in ourselves. We must also always express gratitude, no matter how stressed or busy we are, it is a blessing to have our health and be alive.

She and I had briefly spoken of her illness but had been meaning to get together for some time, and finally decided to put it on our calendar and met at a local bakery late one Saturday afternoon.  We sat down and started chatting about life in general and talking about business.  We met because she’d mentioned that she wanted to discuss starting her own business and she wanted my advice.

As we began to talk, I asked how many children she had, and something about them.   She told me she had three grown children.  She quietly explained that one was diagnosed with a genetic mental disorder while in college several years ago and lived with her, the other two lived in the mid-west.  “I know that you’re aware that I’m a recent a cancer survivor” then explained that her husband died several years ago.  She talked about how strong her beliefs were and of her faith in God.  She wasn’t quite sure what her dream was, but was emphatic of the importance of getting back into the swing of life.  Her generous smile and easy laughter flowed with complete joy and love for life.

She told me that she spent many years in corporate America and said she was sure she never wanted to go back.  There was a strong conviction and sincerity in her voice as she explained the need for flexibility and that self-employment would be a perfect fit to her God-given talents, her love for writing, poetry and her consulting background to help people.

As we talked, I shared some of my experiences being self-employed, the ability to focus on my strengths and passion to make a difference.  Her eyes lit up as ideas to attain her goal came to her.  She knew that profound life changes were happening for her, and whatever she decided to do, it would feed her soul.

She’s sustained by the love of her children and their connection with her even though they aren’t all living near her.  We agreed on the importance of having the emotional support as she begins this new venture in her life.

Success comes much more quickly to us when along with taking care of your health, you have resolute faith that what you want is attainable and you’re supported with love and encouragement by those in your life.

Every day that we wake up is a gift.  Having faith in yourself, the choices that you make from your heart and the support that you need is the only way to achieve your dream. Remember to remain grateful, count your blessings , delight in the uniqueness of you and be happy, truly happy.  We might not have control of the everything that takes place in life, but we do have control of how we react to the things that happen, that is the foundation of unconquerable faith.

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