Inspired Writing Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

I’ve been blessed with the ability to write just about anything and I love it.  I also know that there are a lot of you who feel as though writing meaningful and inspired communication should and could be avoided at any cost because the whole creative writing process makes you feel uncomfortable.  I understand completely, in my case, it’s working with numbers in any way that causes me to feel uncomfortable.

However, if you have a business, solid and inspired writing is or should be a vital part of the way you connect with your current and potential customers.  So, if you’re unsure about writing anything where the words are not only effective but also interesting, here’s the good news, I’ve included some simple tips and tricks below to help you feel like a writing star.

I know that you would love to be able to start writing effortlessly, rather than sitting there with that feeling of anxiety as you stare at that blank screen when you want to create a letter, article or any form of communication for your potential and current clients. Questions that might run through your mind could be, “What do I write about?”, “How do I start?”, “What will sound good?”, or “How long should what I write be?”  So, to help you  experience that, here is Tip 1: Decide on your topic.  As easy as that sounds, deciding on a subject can be overwhelming.

Make choosing your subject matter fun and easy by selecting an area that you’re very familiar with.   Start with something easy and short about yourself, such as an anecdotal story as you were getting into business or write an interesting piece about your area of expertise.  Whichever route you take, your intention is to write something inspired that your readers will connect with. Be honest, but discriminating.  Inject humor, take your time and be creative so the writing process will be fun so that nagging feeling of discomfort will slowly dissolve.

  • Tip 2 – consider your computer screen or tablet as your blank slate for you to create magic.
  • Tip 3 – create the title, play with it, change it until you are completely satisfied so it clearly reflects your subject, and it grabs attention.  Starting your article with a question can increase interest in your communication, no matter what it is.
  • Tip 4 – Jot down everything that comes to mind about that subject, whatever random thoughts come to mind using a pencil with a good eraser or begin freely typing.
  • Tip 5 – Keep in mind that you want to engage your reader.  Think about them all the while you’re in the creative process so you make the content for them.  It should be easy to read, informational, definitely interesting , including something to tug on your reader’s heart strings.

This is your creative flow, it should be fun and enjoyable.  Sometimes, I find it helpful to use the internet on the subject that I have chosen to write about when I get stuck. I search for pieces about whatever subject that I plan to write about and briefly scan a variety of articles, not to copy what has already been written, but to get some ideas or to help bring an interesting event into my mind so I am sure to create a communication that will not only be well written, but thought provoking.

Tip 6 -Use the thesaurus in MS applications, I find it helpful as I am writing to be sure I that I don’t repeat phrases or words in my article so that my story is positive and fun to read.

Tip 7 -The next step is to begin reading through them to cut and replace what you like and don’t like based on how you’re going to craft your message for your reader.  It is helpful to write something short and to have someone who knows you really well read your story to provide you with input and suggestions, especially if they are familiar with your style, they may be able to help you add something that will make your story even more interesting and fun.

Since this is your business and the communication is going to be imbued with your unique style for potential customers or supporters to act on, more impact is created when you use bullets or lists to feature anything that will so that your article will be read to the last paragraph.

These tips work very well whether you want to create a blog, a letter, email, newsletter, basically any form of communication that you generate.  The most important thing to remember, is you want your business content to reflect the uniqueness of you, the distinctiveness of your product or service and your passion.

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