You’re The Best – Are You An Expert?

My new marketing and web content has added statements throughout indicating that I am an expert at a few things that I have gained knowledge of over the past 23 years of my career.  I’ve had a tendency to be a bit modest about my skills, so its been a learning process for me.

What are you an expert at?  You, like I, have gained many skills over the lifetime of our career and become an expert at something or maybe a few areas.  That expertise is something that you should take advantage of.  I’ve learned as a new entrepreneur to continue to become more educated in that area of my business and to include that in my content in order to increase the chances of being found by potential clients when they are seeking those expert skills.

When you apply your expertise to services or product descriptions, it helps your current and potential customers know what to ask of you.  If it isn’t something that you’ve emphasized before just imagine the response from your current customers and how their word of mouth references to a potential customer can be a gold mine for you.

If you haven’t focused on your expertise, think about all of your skills and then write them down.  Once you do, then prioritize your skills by the level of expertise you have. Then narrow it down to one or two and add that expertise to all of your marketing materials, in your newsletters and your social media posts. Consider the benefits to you and to your business.

With so many businesses being launched to the internet every day, it would only be to your advantage to include your expertise as often as you can.  Just think of the value that you will add to your customer’s purchasing experience.  That can only serve to increase your confidence, your business’s presence and your future financial picture.  How are you clarifying your talents and expert skills?  Are you portraying yourself as an expert in your field?

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