You’re The Best – Organizing For Peace of Mind

Are you disorganized and unable to figure out how to create order for your business and find things easily?  I’ve created a process that works for me and everyone that I organize, without fail.

  • Sort all of your documents in folders by the year they’re dated, noting on a post it note the year on each one
  • Now, sort in folders by month
  • Next, sort the documents by type, i.e. bills, invoices, letters, etc.
  • Create labels for each folder / document type,
  • Letters and general documents are best filed, first in alpha order, then by month/year
  • Create a sections of folders with hanging folders that retain clients, business connections, potential clients, vendors, etc. in separate categories, giving you instant access to whatever you’re looking for.

If your schedule is busy like mine is, then create one page of file labels a week.  Make that a business goal each week so that it is a part of your weekly activities.

  1. Use multiple pocketed folders for invoices, bills and statements
  2. File those by month and then by year
  3. Create a separate label for each pocket
  4. Store away outdated and least used files to keep your office as efficient as possible

Keep a multiple file organizer on your desk or a nearby shelf to keep everything that you need at your fingertips, this makes it easy for you to find what you need for the projects that you are working on at the moment.

For general business related documents, my motto is “when it doubt, throw it out”.  Most people have a tendency to hold on to documents “just in case”. Remember that the more you do that, the less organized and current you will be.  If you haven’t looked at something in the past year, then it is safe to say you can toss it or shred it.

Being organized isn’t just a matter of keeping your papers and files in place, it helps you to have a calm and professional presence when you’re working with a client.  The peace of mind achieved through organization equates to a more relaxed, creative, and functional you.

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