Listening to My Heart

For those of you who have become an entrepreneur, things happen on our journey to our heart’s desire in the most obvious ways.  Things happen that we aren’t fully cognizant of and eventually figure out that it is a part of our destiny.  In my writings about my  journey in becoming a VA, I previously left off in 1969 at, “My mother and I found a place that I could live cheaply and I found a decent part time job to pay for my living expenses.  We began to make arrangements for my move, when things started to spiral in a surprising direction.”

I was unable to go to design school back in 1969 because of unforeseen circumstances that forced my mom into the hospital for a few months, so in my mind at that time it was a missed opportunity and I had to move on, move out, get a job, become an adult.  Let’s fast forward 40 years later in February in 2009 to my layoff from my final corporate job and my last time as an employee.

Now, at this juncture in my life, I wasn’t really not sure of where I was going or what I was going to do and the thought to pursue the field of interior design slipped into my mind based on my love for design, color, spacial planning and my prior lost opportunity so many years before.   I knew that being laid off was for a reason and I thought that it was to go to the design school.   I started the loan process and becoming familiarized with the school, I got the ball rolling.  Yes!

About seven weeks into the process of registering for this school a proverbial knife was thrown into the mix.    Have you ever had that happen?  Something is going along just great, and a turn of circumstances changes everything?  I had everything planned, the name of a design business, I could just imagine the grandeur of the design world, the fun and excitement.   I was sure I was meant to be a designer and I was sure that I knew the path that I was supposed to be on.

Well, the Universe stepped in and gently tapped me on the back, telling me that this wasn’t my calling.  I was so disappointed, I was crushed.  I didn’t know what the heck was going on, this was a dream, or so I thought.

After a few days of hanging my head and wondering what I was going to do, I realized that this was the time to listen to that little voice in my heart and focus on who I truly was. Where my heart truly was and the direction I was supposed to go in, my genuine calling.

Listening to my heart to take myself out of my comfort zone and get as far away from my prior employment/life as I could was only the beginning.  I was collecting unemployment at that time and got a letter saying I was required to attend a workshop to prove that I was trying to find employment.

While in the workshop, the trainer suggested a few things that we do to enhance our resume and suggested some books to read.  One was What Color is Your Parachute 2009, I had heard of previous versions of the book, but never bought it.  Something told me that this book would help me find the answer that I was looking for.  I rushed home and went to and found the book and ordered it.  I was barely able to contain myself for the week long wait for it to be delivered.

When it arrived, I ripped open the cardboard box it came in and pulled it out.  I was so excited to begin reading, I tossed the box aside, sat down and began reading.  I spent the next week voraciously reading this wonderful book every chance I got and began to see where I could rewrite my life’s direction.  I realized that it was all up to me, now all I had to do was to figure out how to pinpoint where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do.

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