I am Not An Accidental Entrepreneur

If you know anything about me, you know that I love what I do.  Whether I am getting paid or not.  Being at this point in my life is a dream come true for me.  Life has a great way of reminding you that you are meant to be where you are at a singular moment and point in time.

Have you ever had a chance to go back in time, so to speak and visit your former employer?  Not to get in touch with the people you used to work with, but to observe as if you were an outsider?

I had to make a trip to the bank yesterday.  I never go to the actual building, I use online services and the ATM to withdraw cash, which is a rarity for me, my card is my “cash”.  As I entered the building, I looked around at the interior and the employees.  It seemed like a foreign country to me.  I was surprised at my reaction because just a year and half ago I worked for this bank.  I didn’t work in a storefront banking center, but this was close enough.

The staff moving in their unaffected and uninterested direction, paid more attention to their computer terminals than to me.  A teller called out as she stood there engrossed in her terminal, “I will be with you in a few minutes”.  That never happened.  I stood there five minutes more before another teller acknowledged me and asked if she could help. “Here is your sign” flashed through my mind, but I didn’t say anything.  I just smiled and walked forward, took care of my transaction, discussed my growing gift points and listened to an unrequested sales pitch for a bank product that I didn’t really want.

My feelings of being where I was at and where I am now slid through my mind.  I  realized that I was looking at a world that was so opposite of who I am.  As I stood there waiting, I kept thinking, “How did I stay in this austere and distant world for twelve years?”  The staid and formal, almost cold setting, the lack of personality and the proverbial sales pitch, selling you something you didn’t ask about reminded me of how things used to be and how glorious my life is now that I am an entrepreneur.

While I did learn a great deal and credit my business acumen to a portion of my employment in the banking industry and there are no regrets of my years in corporate America, I always felt like a square peg in a round hole.

I knew that there would be naysayers that would offer their opinion when I decided to become an entrepreneur.   I felt totally comfortable with taking my life in my own hands.  I knew that there would be those that would think that what I was doing was off the wall or crazy. Comments like, “How can you do something like that, especially now in an economy like this?”  “You’d better get a “real”job and forget it or do you have a backup plan (job in my mind)  if you fail?”, or “Try another time when things get better,” were said to me, hoping that I would come back to my senses.

But when I stood in that bank, my former employer’s stomping grounds, I instantly knew that no matter what anyone says or thinks, I am right where I should be, doing exactly what I should be doing, at the exact right time, for me.  I am a glorious, risk-taking, smart and wise entrepreneur, who is here on purpose, not by accident and excited by everything that each day brings, because it suits me to a tee.

Are you on the fence, or have you jumped over to discover what your dream is?  Do you go to work with no interest in what you do, outside of the fact that you collect a paycheck and have paid benefits?  You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to experience your dream life, but you do have to take risks and be motivated even when it seems as though you aren’t making progress.  Are you ready to take that leap of faith and do something unprecedented just for you?  Remember life is short, we are on this planet for a microsecond.  Don’t hesitate, just jump especially when you know in your heart that you are going to be happier than you’ve ever been in your life.

Visit my website at http://www.yourethebest-us.com for a list of services and more information.

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