A Dream, The Internet and a Website

For people like me, having our own website has given many the opportunity to create a home-based business that gives us the chance to live the life of our dreams. We can easily offer services or products, helpful information and personal testimonials, etc., just as larger businesses do.  Websites have forever changed people’s lives and the way business is done.

I remember when I was young, if we needed to locate a service of any kind my mom had to make lots of phone calls, set up appointments with all of them to make an informed choice. She could only hope she chose the best service for her needs. Now there are websites like Angies List, Consumer Reports Online, CNET Product Reviews, the list is endless.

If we wanted to make a purchase back then we had to get into our car, drive to a business sometimes through extreme weather conditions, adding to the environmental burden.  Do we get a babysitter or should we bring the entire family?  God forbid if a return had to be made, we had to gather the merchandise and get everyone out to the car and trudge back to the store. We had to stand in line and wait; making the process exhausting and time consuming.  Websites and the internet have unquestionably changed all of that.

In 1993, Tim Berners-Lee changed the face of business by offering the World Wide Web as a free gateway to anyone who wanted to use it.  Today, by having a website business owners not only have the entire world available to offer their goods to, they can create a welcoming, easy and friendly way to help current and potential customers in a variety of ways.  Their website can display current and new services in real time, post merchandise offerings, endorsements, etc.  Most importantly, websites provide stress-free access to purchase and return anything from the comfort of wherever a customer happens to be.

Familiarity, a level of trust and loyalty between the business owner, their staff and a customer used to be only dependent upon face to face contact. A great deal of expense was invested by a business owner in magazine or newspaper ads and television time, if they could afford it, to gain visibility for their business. If not, they could only hope that people walking by would come through their doors.

Now, business owners can combine their efforts by purchasing a website and utilize the beauty, personalization, colors and design created for just for them as an electronic storefront.  Doors are open 24/7 and it’s a place that welcomes people in to peruse at their leisure.  They can get to know the business owner and what is being offered without the pressure and limitations that only being in a physical location brings. A business owner can use their website to offer anything from free gifts to useable resources to anyone interested, and change them whenever they choose to keep their business fresh and interesting.
A website is an ideal way to connect personally with current and potential clients for several reasons. The first being they get to know who you are, what your background is, whether you’re reliable, stable and if you’re trustworthy.  It is a perfect way to find out if you are an ideal match for them since websites by their unique design and content create a perfect way to draw only the right customers to you, an awesome concept.  Rather than doing business the way it was with just anyone and everyone, both the client and business owner have a chance through a well-designed website to create a connection that can lead to a long-term relationship, without ever having to meet in person.

For Your Information

If you don’t have a website and need one, one website type that I have managed myself is by Joomla (http://www.joomla.org/).  It is one of the most popular open source web design sources available, and it is fairly easy to create.  There is also the easy to use and user friendly WordPress (http://wordpress.org/).  I had very little blog experience when I came across WordPress and have been able to easily modify and create my blog with little experience.  Creating a website would be just as simple and there are some talented guys out there (http://johnspencerellis.com/how-to-make-a-cool-wordpress-website-for-your-fitness-and-coaching-business/ who can upgrade your WordPress blog or website for a nominal fee.  The link above indicates “websites for your fitness or coaching business”, however Scotty does websites for any business type.


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This is Where Christmas Magic Is

When I recall special holiday moments, one of the most magical was the birth of my son in December of 1974.

When my pregnancy was confirmed in the spring of 1974, I was 22, single and living with my sister in a small mobile home in Tempe, Arizona.  The first doctor I saw told me I was due around the end of November (I was later given a couple of dates in December, of which one was right on target). I was scared and nervous, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I was no longer involved with the father and my job as a maid at a nearby hotel was minimum wage without health insurance. Completely unprepared for becoming a parent, I could only imagine what being pregnant during the extreme heat of the desert valley in Arizona and walking to work was going to be like.

After talking with my sister and my mom, I came to the conclusion that I was going to become a mother. I knew I couldn’t remain in my current living and employment situation. It would be in my baby’s best interest to move in with my parents who lived in the suburbs of Mesa. Our family was close, so convincing my parents that I should live with them was the easiest part of my journey to parenthood.  Excited with my decision, I quit my job, packed my belongings and moved. It felt strange living with my parents again because I had been on my own since I was 171/2.

The first two trimesters of my pregnancy were tough as I dealt with a serious case of morning sickness. For some reason all I could eat was ice cream and drink milk shakes, not the best thing for a healthy pregnancy.  What I loved most about being pregnant was feeling my baby’s body move and seeing his little hands and feet push outward as he grew bigger.  I spent part of my time allowing my imagination to flow I read, embroidered and the artist in me emerged; I created several drawings in pastels and charcoal.

When I got to my third trimester, I felt great.  I made up for what I couldn’t eat in the first two; I gained weight and began waddling like a duck. My baby gained weight too, I was huge.  In my eighth month my mom hosted a baby shower for me to be sure that I had everything I needed to have a sweet baby‘s room.

December 5th was my 23rd birthday, my due date was December 7th.  I decided to celebrate on the 6th so my sister, who would have that day off from work, could join us for the festivities.  At my visiting midwife’s suggestion I had been walking around the block daily, mopping the floors on my hands and knees and doing whatever I could to encourage labor.

When my sister arrived, we sat down to a beautiful steak dinner.  As soon as we finished our meal, mom brought out the birthday cake. I suddenly felt a strange pain and an urge to run to the bathroom.  Just as I made it to the bathroom my water broke and my labor began.  My “pains” were three minutes apart from the start.  Completely unprepared for this to take place so soon, I called my doctor who told me to go to the hospital immediately.

After nearly 24 long and arduous hours of labor, the nurses identified a problem because I wasn’t making progress.  They brought in a monitoring machine to observe my baby’s heart rate and track his breathing.  I was in tears and exhausted when they finally wheeled me into the delivery room.  I began to push and nothing happened.  The doctor called for an anesthesiologist to “put me under” so they could help my baby out with forceps. I had no idea, but the doctor realized that the umbilical cord was wrapped around my baby’s neck.  Scott Aaron was finally born in the wee hours of December 7, at 8lbs, 8oz.; his beautiful little face was blue so the nurses took him to the room with the premature babies.

I was nervous but elated and couldn’t have imagined a more perfect time give birth to my son.  When they finally brought him to me, he had all of his fingers and toes, a robust cry; he was very healthy. My first Christmas gift from my beautiful son was when he smiled at me at just a few days old.

Even though it was a couple of weeks before the actual holiday, Scott was the best Christmas present I had ever gotten.  Our first Christmas was spent in the “arms” of my loving family; it was the epitome of a perfect holiday dream come true. Everyone was wonderful, they had put gifts under the tree for my new baby along with the couple of small gifts that I’d bought for him.  As I reflect back on that beautiful holiday season, I still feel the incredible joy and love that transformed my life forever.

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Should Your Readers Laugh, be Inspired, Informed or Sad?

The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think. ~Edwin Schlossberg

Purpose with Passion: The Little Things We Do Can Make a Difference. “The simplicity of sharing food with someone can make all the difference in the world to them.  We ate homemade buttermilk pancakes together every Sunday because it gave my dying sister a feeling of joy and comfort”.

What is your purpose? Why are you writing your story? The purpose or idea for your next written piece is whatever your imagination can create. So, before your pen hits the paper or your fingers glide across the keyboard, know the reason for your message.

The reason is the most important component of your article, story, blog or social media post. A great purpose can inform, provoke laughter or tears, encourage personal growth or help readers to see other possibilities.

I’ve put together some tips and examples to help give you a start with whatever it is you want to write. Print or save these so each time you start writing, you’ll have examples to help you stay on track.

First Tip: To help you with the creation of your purpose, consider what you want to write before you begin. If jotting down ideas on paper works for you, go for it. Because of the chance that you might forget what you want to say, do what I do, use your cell phone recording function. Begin with a title that lets your audience know what they are about to read.  Start with a title written as a question, or you can make it amusing and interesting to create impact:

Title Example: “Contain Yourself” (how to create a container garden) or “Is Your Garden Begging for Help?” or something like “Moment by Moment” (how to stay focused in the present) or “Do You Truly Stop and Smell the Roses?”

Second Tip:  Begin with an inspired quote, followed by a supporting statement, draw your readers in with content that flows from the title. This will help develop the clarity of  your purpose.  You can make an instant impact by starting your first paragraph so the reader is involved the minute they begin reading for example:

Example: “My green thumb came only as a result of the mistakes I made while learning to see things from the plant’s point of view, H. Fred Ale.” or ““It’s not what’s happening to you now or what has happened in your past that determines who you become. Rather, it’s your decisions about what to focus on, what things mean to you, and what you’re going to do about them that will determine your ultimate destiny.” Tony Robbins

Third Tip. Create a framework. Write so your message leads the reader through your story.  Keep flow in mind, in other words move your reader through your entire message.

Example: “After you’ve gotten home with all of the plants you want to surround yourself with, gather your supplies; it is time to create.” or “Being in the now not only means to focus on what is going on around you, it also means that you notice details so you really feel present.”

Fourth Tip. Keep your sentences concise and paragraphs short.  Especially with the high ”click off” rate when your piece is too long, your content not only has to remain concise, it should have pizzazz. Including something like a short joke, a personal anecdote or a profound statement that relates to your message, works beautifully.

Example: “Most of my first container garden died within six months of being planted” or “Being in the moment means that when you’ve been driving for an hour, you are aware of the specifics of the trip and how you arrived at your destination.

Fifth Tip: Your purpose should help to connect readers with the situation that you’re message is about.  You want your audience to relate with what you’re writing about and make a decision to either read to the end or take action.

Example: “My approach to container gardening is to capture people’s imagination by creating a colorful and beautiful pictorial that will create an unforgettable first impression.” or “When I want to stay in the here and now, I pull out my camera and take pictures to capture the moment.”

Sixth Tip. Your purpose must also persuade.  What do you want your reader to do once they’ve read your message?  No matter what you’re writing, the purpose of your message is going to convince your reader to take some form of action.  Determine your intention and then write with passion and simplicity.

Example: “I can help you decide which plants to buy, the size of the pots and vessels you’ll need to create a lovely and easy to manage container garden.” “Staying in the now is giving yourself the gift of living in the moment, let me help you accomplish that by giving you the present of a lifetime!

No matter the platform (blog, article, marketing material, email or general correspondence), keep your reader engaged and wanting more by clearly expressing your reason for your written material. Write it with warmth, humor, sincerity and authenticity and your audience will be back for more.

When you speak, your words echo only across the room. But when you write, your words echo down the ages. –Bud Gardner


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It’s Easy To Be Green!

I live in Florida where the magnificent manatee (affectionately known as sea cows) lives and is threatened, so being “green” is easy for me. The journey to being green starts with small but significant steps, one day and one effort at a time.

Being in nature is exhilarating, relaxing and restorative. We can experience common nature encounters in our own back yard every day which most of us take for granted, such as birds singing or squirrels running through the treetops. In southern Florida, it’s common to see alligators swimming along in local waterways, an otter scurrying across the parking lot, an Osprey “fishing” for his lunch or a watching a Roseate Spoonbill swinging his head back and forth searching for his next meal.

There is nothing like planning a picnic or an outdoor birthday party, there is excitement in the air.  It’s so easy to take the beauty of this planet for granted, but when there is trash and car parts along the shoreline or the road, garbage everywhere you go and plumes of toxic smoke flowing into the beautiful blue sky, reality sets in.

The experiences that we all have with trash, oil spills and toxic fumes should be a constant reminder that we have a responsibility to be conscious of the way we live.  There is a lot to do to return this planet to the beautiful place that it is meant to be.

We are very fortunate that large tracts of land were set aside decades ago as beautiful national parks all over the U.S. Nevertheless, those parks cannot and should not be the only natural environment that we are able to seek asylum from city life, cement and traffic.

When I participated on a volunteer project to clean up the grounds around a local zoo’s parking lot, we found litter everywhere. I knew in my heart right then that I must be part of the change that I expect to see. I recycle, reuse and conserve as a part of my daily life. If we all make a dedicated effort to take care of our planet, the gift we will give our children, grandchildren and generations beyond will be places of beauty, abundant wildlife and fresh, clean air.

We live in a wondrous world. Have you ever seen a photo of the Earth in space? It is a unique, beautiful, thriving and brilliant blue sphere. This planet is a miracle. As a conscious and caring society, we can begin making a difference right now.

How you Can Help

  • A small but important change is to switch to compact florescent light bulbs. They make a lot of difference in your home by reducing the heat output of old light bulbs and they are now in much softer, easy on the eyes shades and when you leave a room, remember to turn off the lights.
  • Purchase “green” office supplies,  www.ecogreenoffice.com. Many office supply stores now carry large quantities of products that have a decreased impact on the planet. Recyclable paper, binders, labels etc. are easily accessible.  The benefits of using recycled paper products in terms of energy, trees, and water saved, carbon emissions avoided, are an important part of your efforts to maintain ecological balance.
  • Find ways to reduce and reuse paper is another way to be eco-friendly and save money, too such as print and copy double-sided, e-mail your documents as attachments, edit documents on screen rather than print and hand edit.

When it comes to using your vehicle:

  • Shop by phone or mail
  • Telecommute
  • Get regular tune-ups for your car as well as support the smog check program
  • Keep the air filter in your car clean
  • Use public transportation
  • Use the cruise control when warranted
  • Combine all of your errands into one trip
  • Don’t overfill at the pump
  • Keep tires properly inflated
  • Purchase Energy Star rated appliances.  Not only do homeowners save billions of dollars, they also reduce national fossil fuel emissions and it can reduce your home appliance energy usage and costs by as much as 10 percent to 50 percent. Here is website that lists many energy star appliances with details that will give you all of the information you need to determine which will work best for your family, www.energystar.gov.
  • Every year, Americans use approximately 1 billion shopping bags, creating 300,000 tons of landfill waste. Plastic bags are not biodegradable. Light breaks them down into smaller and smaller particles but they contaminate the soil and water and are expensive and difficult to remove.
  • Make use of your local grocery store’s recycle programs. Most now have recycle bins for Styrofoam, plastic and paper bags. If they don’t, present the idea to the store management, I am sure if they have enough customers’ making requests, they will create a recycle program.
  • Purchase and use the reusable shopping bags that many stores now offer they cost less than a $5 each.
  • Recycle batteries, small electronics and your old cell phone. Here is a website that offers information about local recycle programs, www.earth911.com.
  • Recycle broken or outdated equipment through your local Staples recycle program staplesadvantagerecycling.com.
  • Recycle clothes and used furniture through local charity donation programs, consignment or thrift stores.
  • Buy only the groceries that you need and what you can eat, the amount of food wasted in the US is staggering. The US generates more than 34 million tons of food waste each year.
  • Reduce the pollution in your home. Most people aren’t aware that the pollution in their home is much worse than the air they breathe outside. Some indoor pollutants are dust, smoke, paint, paint removers and paint strippers, laundry detergents, spray cleaners, and pesticides. Even though they smell good, there is danger to your lungs using aerosol sprays such as room deodorizers, hair spray, fragrance candles, etc.  To learn more about cleaning up your inside air, go to American Lung Association.
  • Use ceramic mugs or cups and instead of plastic or Styrofoam cups.
  • Recycle your junk mail or get off the lists, by contacting the Direct Marketing Association.

Everyone loves to spend time with their family and friends in nature. I believe that change comes through the power of collaboration.  If we all joined together, we could make a considerable change in our environment. I encourage you to commit to making a difference not only for yourself, but for all of those who will inherit the earth.


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This Magic Moment

Magic moments can come from the most difficult situations. I believe that to discover our passion and follow our dream, we must believe in what we cannot see and in ourselves without any doubt. Living life passionately is about knowing that there is a power greater than ourselves that is there through thick and thin to help us, if we are open to it. It is also about being grateful, no matter what

There was practically no spirituality in our family when I was growing up. My dad was a Methodist who had chosen not to practice his faith and my mom who was Jewish by heritage had only gone to synagogue when she was a little girl. I believe as a family we had gone to church maybe a handful of times and it was always the Methodist church and usually on holidays. Weirdly, my parents required that we say grace every night before we ate dinner.

Then in the mid 70’s my family collectively gave up on any fragment of religion or spirituality when my youngest sister, Carol Ann, died at the age of 15 of complications from acute lymphocytic leukemia, a devastating blood cancer. Being nonspiritual makes it difficult to get through a family death and go on with life afterward. Rather than become closer, we were a family that was lost and trying to deal with everything that happened on our own. When I cried and tried to deal with her loss, I think I asked why, not really sure if I was talking aloud to myself or yelling at God.

I really cannot remember the details of the entire day or the time of year it was when my life was forever changed. I clearly remember what happened because the event shook me to the core of my being and still appears in my mind vividly when I recall the day my faith changed 180 degrees. I do know that I was not very spiritual the day I nearly died. Recalling this part of my life is easy and difficult at the same time, if that makes any sense.

The night that I now think of as a miracle, my girlfriend who was also a co-worker asked me to have dinner and watch a movie. My friend, Lynn, lived in Apache Junction in a double wide mobile home located near the beautiful and majestic Superstition Mountain range, which was clearly visible from her front yard. Like typical girls, we ate and talked and talked some more, time was just ticking away,……so we didn’t put the movie in until late. As soon as the movie ended, I told her I was tired and ready to head for home. I quickly said my goodbyes and hurried out the door to my little cobalt blue Geo Metro for home located in mid-Mesa, 20 miles away and about 10 minutes away from the downtown area.

Apache Junction wasn’t too populated then, so when I left for home traffic was light. Rather than take the highway I decided to drive down Main Street, which is also called East Apache Trail, which wasn’t too heavily traveled at that time of night.

As I was driving, I entertained myself by singing with the radio to stay alert. I was looking forward to getting home and going to bed. The speed limit was about 45; there was almost no one around me. As I got closer to the intersection of Main Street and Gilbert Road, where I was going to turn, the traffic built somewhat but I was still able to keep up the speed limit. I glanced over and noticed a white pickup truck driving next to me, pretty much bumper to bumper. When I turned my head back around, there was a car crossing in front of me. I remember seeing my headlights shining brightly on a blue car’s driver-side door, clearly seeing the silver door handle and the side of the driver’s face.

I remember glancing over hoping to change lanes and saw that the white pickup truck was still next to me so I couldn’t. I closed my eyes and thought “I am going to die.” is all I can recall and waited for the crash. Then there was complete silence. I slowly opened my eyes and realized that I was still alive, and somehow on the other side of the car that had been right in front of me. I was stunned and started to cry. I also noticed that the white pickup truck had disappeared.

When I got home I was barely coherent enough to tell my concerned mother what had happened before I broke away from her tight hug. I had to be alone to sort through the powerful aftermath of my near death experience. The next morning when I woke up, I felt very different, still tired, but I kept thinking “I’ve been saved from certain death”. I had a strong feeling that something beyond what my mind could imagine had intervened and saved my life. I instinctively knew that it wasn’t my time to die and I had changed forever.

Now, I cherish every moment because my creator and angels are a very important part of my life. I know that I’m loved, divinely protected and spiritually guided. I am forever grateful and celebrate life’s beauty every day knowing in my heart that no matter what happens, that I will make it through.


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I’m Just as Guilty as Anyone

You type your message, re-read it for errors, press send and go about your day. Email is now the most common form of communication in today’s business world. Email was actually the first form of social networking and is a fixed part of everyday life and helps to quickly continue to the next step if something is in a hold pattern.

With this great convenience, some pretty serious misunderstandings can occur because long after feelings change, the words are still there.  Especially because when that email was sent say in the morning when you’re in one frame of mind, by the time it ‘s responded to both you and the sender are in a different mood.  If the two of you were conversing voice to voice or face to face, none of this would have happened.

I have been on both the sending and receiving end of a misunderstood email.  I’ve sent an email in response to a meeting request that I thought sounded friendly and congenial, but I never get an answer or a call, so now I call first.  When I got an email in response to a third request for information, the response was full of anger and clearly left no room for me to answer, meaning my message wasn’t written carefully enough.  I now know that placing a call or using Skype would have created a better impression.

There are important visible clues with face to face or voice communication that helps each person ascertain why someone is responding a certain way and how they may be feeling. So, what if you’re not in the same room, the same city or even the same state? How do you know how the person you’re communicating with is reacting to what you’ve written or vice versa?

Clay Shirky, an American writer, consultant and teacher on the social and economic effects of internet technologies recommends that you start communication with a face-to-face or voice to voice and then move on to email.  Even saying “hello” first goes a long way in creating a positive social bond.  While email has definitely improved communication it is important to recognize the differences of this medium and be sensitive to the challenges that it brings.

Starting with a “face to face” or voice to voice is easy, affordable and can be worth it’s weight in gold:

  • Web Cam Conversations are almost as effective as face to face communication.  Web Cams are affordable and access to communication software such as Skype is an easy way to communicate with anyone long distance and it’s pretty easy to use.  The only issue to be aware of are time differences and/or schedules.
  • Telephone Call: If a communication has lost its way, a phone call is simple and easy.  It’s best to talk on the phone to assure that the conversation doesn’t go too far from its original point of view.   Suggestion, start with a phone call, and include an email to explain changes or details, then the conversation has gotten off to a great start and both parties are aware of the intent of what was said.

Let’s all slow down and take time to schedule a call or cam conversation, you are both worthy of a successful relationship and great start to any project.


©You’re The Best

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Are You Doing What You Love + A Life Purpose Exercise

Are you doing what you love for a living?  Are you 100% sure you’re doing what you’re passionate about, or are you unsure of what your purpose is?

I’d been an established entrepreneur for nearly two years when out of the blue I felt an overwhelming need to change the direction of my business.  I was unhappy, felt drained and I couldn’t figure out why.  I decided the best thing to do was to relax.  So, I laid down on the couch, propped a couple of pillows behind my head and thought about my life and where I was with my business, when I fell asleep.  When I woke up, all of the business services I was offering were going through my mind.  I realized right then that my unhappiness had to do with what I was in business for.  I knew I needed to talk with a good friend, so I called and asked her to meet me at a nearby park for a heart to heart.

I’ve known since I became self-employed that I was supposed to be excited, have fun and feel a rush when I woke up every morning about my business, and I did at first.  I now know that feeling was the anticipation of being self-employed. When I created my business, I was very excited to be my own boss, the services I was going to offer was everything that I had experience in.  What I didn’t realize was that I was so caught up in trying to be everything to everyone just as I had been when I was an employee, that I didn’t consider what I was happiest doing.  In retrospect, I can say I was doing the best that I could at the time and without a doubt I wasn’t really sure what I was passionate about.

I know for certain that I am going in the right direction now.  I feel differently and it’s very evident when I’m talking with potential clients.  I’m focused; I feel a wave of excitement and passion.  My personal mission statement in part includes, “to uplift and encourage people with my inspiration and creativity”, it’s clear that with this new direction I am doing exactly that.

Do we forfeit what we love to do for fear that we won’t be successful or that we aren’t good enough at what we love do to get paid to do it?  What most of us lack, is recognizing a way to focus our thoughts to find out what we are here for. We all know deep inside what we want to do, all we have to do is relax and listen to our instincts and think about what we feel most passionate about.  Is there something that you do or have done for free that you wish you could get paid to do?

To help you uncover your passion, I thought I would share this excerpt from Jack Canfield’s, The Success Principles, with you.  Once you complete this exercise, your task is to write your achievable goals in detail, and then create affirmations as though you have already achieved them.  Successful Olympic athletes use these techniques to achieve their goals.  Take a moment to move your dream forward, this will change your life and your focus once you begin this process.

The Life Purpose Exercise

1.  List two of your unique personal qualities, such as enthusiasm and creativity.

________________________________      ___________________________

2. List one or two ways you enjoy expressing those qualities when interacting with others, such as to support or to inspire.

______________________________      _____________________________

3.  Assume the world is perfect right now. What does this world look like?  How is everyone interacting with everyone else? What does it feel like?  Write your answer as a statement, in the present tense, describing the ultimate condition, the perfect world as you see it and feel it. Remember, a perfect world is a fun place to be.

Example: Everyone is freely expressing their own unique talents.  Everyone is working in harmony.  Everyone is expressing love.





4.  Combine the three prior subdivisions of this paragraph into a single statement.

Example: My purpose is to use my creativity and enthusiasm to support and inspire others to freely express their talents in a harmonious and loving way.





Once you’ve determined your life purpose and written it down (3×5 cards are perfect so you can put them in a visible place), read it every day, preferably in the morning, mid-day and before you go to sleep.  If you’re artistic or visual, you may want to draw pictures or use photographs and then display them somewhere prominent where you’ll see them every day.

You’re The Best©

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